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MNCPD2Melissa’s Philosophy of Care:
Melissa (Owner at Melissa’s Munchkins Child Care) has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and offers a full preschool program and skills needed to succeed in life. Melissa’s job, as your child’s caregiver is to keep your child safe and to be a nurturing and educated role model. Melissa will coach your children towards succeeding in the real world, instill self esteem, instill a love for learning, independence, respect for others, and accountability. Melissa coaches the children rather than tell them how to do a task, meeting your child wherever they are in different areas of development. Melissa also works closely with the parents to provide your child with the best possible care. It is only through parent/guardian interaction that the goal of quality, nurturing care can be achieved.

Curriculum is used to create lesson plans and learn through hands-on experiences and play. Melissa has designed the childcare space specifically to meet a variety of age groups. Nothing is off limits to the children as they are free to explore the different learning areas. Toys are arranged in learning centers designed to make free choice a fun learning experience. Math, Science, Writing, Art, Reading loft, Infant area, Puzzles, Puppets, Music and much more!

On any given day, regardless of the theme, circle time is a mixture of any of the following: weather discussion, calendar (number, season, month, day of the week), letter, shape, color recognition, letter sounds and counting. A variety of tools are used for teaching: singing, flash cards, homemade posters, language discussions to get the children brainstorming, read aloud stories related to the theme, time of year, holidays, felt board stories, interactive homemade games.

Melissa’s Munchkins take field trips to allow children to have hands on experiences that pertain to the theme. Some places we go are Children’s Museum, Science Museum, Dodge Nature Center, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Orchard, Parks, Zoo, Sea Life Aquarium, Chuck-E-Cheese, and many more! In addition to field trips, enrichment programs come into the home to work with the children on different areas such as fitness, music, and story time.
*For pictures of our learning activities, Click Here

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