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Enrichment Programs


The Fabulously Fun Fitness Program for Healthy, Happy Kids. The Stretch-N-Grow program is designed to promote exercise and wellness for preschool-aged children. It assists parents and child care providers in developing good health and fitness habits in young children. Stretch-N-Grow stars participate in bi-weekly sessions, which include exercise, activities, and discussions on health and related issues such as nutrition, hygiene and safety. Stars have lots of fun while they learn to enjoy exercise and build good habits.
For more info on Stretch-N-Grow, Click Here

Preschool Delivers

Preschool Delivers brings quality early childhood curriculum to children enrolled in an in home or private group setting. Sessions are created and taught by an experienced and educated early childhood professional. Monthly themes provide a cohesive educational unit to enable learning through repetition. The curriculum will cover topics that support a variety of developmental areas including language, literacy, math, science, art, and music. Preschool Delivers will provide personal daily communication with families regarding the curriculum, activities, and lessons taught during each session. Progress assessments will be conducted twice a year through observation, work sampling, and written documentation.  This information will be shared with families and be used to set new goals for each child.


Ms Marcela comes to my home weekly to teach the children Spanish.

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