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Daily Schedule

Schedule may change depending on children’s needs, weather, field trips, etc. During the summer months we are outside most of the day. We go on more field trips and also have more picnic lunches.

* Arrival- children have free choice of activities

* Breakfast

* Wash Hands, Toilet, Diapering

* Infant morning nap, Preschool- either Circle Time, Craft, Sharing, Reading,
Music, Writing, Cooking, Science/Sensory, Math

* Clean Up, Wrap up preschool activities

* Outside or children choose centers

* Wash Hands, Preparation for lunch

* Lunch

* Story, Toilet, Diapering,

* Nap, Quiet Time

* Toilet, Diapering, Snack preparation

* Snack

* Outside and/or Free Choice play

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